Welcome to A.N. Boekel Handel B.V.


A.N. Boekel Handel B.V. is a company that specialise in import and export of vegetables, onions and potatoes. The company has been established for more than 40 years. First only with the production of vegetables, later also in sales. At the moment A.N. Boekel Handel B.V. is exporting all kind of products to a various number of countries in Europe. Our company is centrally situated in the region where the Dutch vegetables are grown. By maintaining excellent relationships with local growers, in combination with our own production, we can offer a wide range of quality products. These products can be supplied by us in different packages, with Summum as our own quality brand.

Our own trucks are collecting all the products to our warehouse, so that’s why we can offer you all kinds of mixed trucks in one loading place. For you as a client, but also for us, it is the best way of doing business as we can carefully monitor quality control of the produce. The staff in the warehouse is always looking for the best quality! Besides that we have very close contacts with growers all around Holland, so we are able to load every day a lot of good quality products wherever you want.

Because we have our own transport company, we are able to deliver the goods all over Europe at competitive rates. We are running a daily (groupage) transport line from Holland to Denmark, Czech republic, Slovakia and Hungary, where we are able to deliver the goods into your store any time of the week.

For more information about our company, please contact us at any time.